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What is the common asphalt specification for a residential driveway in Baltimore MD

Luxury homeowners prefer asphalt driveways due to two reasons. A good asphalt driveway will endure extreme weather conditions for at least 20 years. Asphalt driveways are popular in Baltimore, MD luxury gated communities because they dry much faster than concrete during rainy and winter seasons.

Are you planning to hire paving contractors in Baltimore MD to construct or redo your asphalt driveway? The first step to ensuring you get value for money is by familiarizing yourself with various asphalt specifications followed in Baltimore MD.

  1.  8-inch sub-base course in paving

In pavement construction, a sub-base is the layer of crushed stones plus soil or concrete that’s applied to an excavated area.  This requires deep excavation in order to prevent the subcourse materials from piling on top of each other.  One indicator of poorly constructed asphalt driveways is bumpy surfaces.

Some seasoned residential paving Baltimore MD constructors lay a thicker sub base course to enhance even load distribution. This technique prevents the asphalt driveway from developing cracks under the weight of motor vehicles.

  1. 6-inch asphalt base course

The asphalt base course plays two important functions in asphalt driveway construction. It acts as the foundation for the HAM (Hot Asphalt Mix) layer. When you notice cracks appearing on a recently constructed asphalt driveway, it’s due to the presence of a weak base. In this situation, the HAM layer gives in to the weight of stationary vehicles parked in the driveway.

This important layer also prevents water from seeping to the sub-base course during rainy and winter seasons. Stagnant water on an asphalt driveway can lead to rapid deterioration when it comes into contact with oil or gasoline. On a hot day, the heated oil mixed with water tends to dissolve portions of the HAM layer.

  1. 2.5-inch HAM layer

The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) is a trade association that trains asphalt pavement constructors in America on how to adhere to market standards. Most residential paving Baltimore MD constructors adhere to NAPA’s recommended HAM-Asphalt base ratio of 1:3.

This means that the constructor applies 1 inch of HAM for every 3 inches of asphalt base course. You may come across a driveway constructor who wants to offer you extra asphalt at pocket-friendly rates. Don’t fall into this trap because the ill-intentioned contractor wants to sell you inferior quality asphalt.

  1. 10 feet-width minimum

The federal state of Maryland requires all residential driveways to be at least 10 feet wide. You can comfortably park a standard family saloon vehicle on a driveway that bears Maryland’s State Highway Administration recommendations.

Conclusion on paving

By reading this article, you’ve taken the initiative to perform due diligence. The highly technical nature of construction work puts most customers at a disadvantage. You’ll realize that only a handful of real estate constructors willingly disclose asphalt driveway specifications to home buyers.

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