long island discount furniture

Smart Ways to Buy Modern Affordable Long Island Discount furniture

As a Long Island native, you have access to a whole lot of discount furniture stores. When it’s time for you to turn your house into a home by buying furniture, here are a few tips to get what you need without breaking the bank:

Plan for your shopping

Believe it or not, furniture has its seasons just like fashion. Office related furniture tend to be cheaper at the beginning of the year while the period beginning October is the best time for all other types of furniture. Pieces of furniture such as beds are perennial needs, so they don’t fall under a predictable sales pattern. Keep a look out if you are in Long Island around majors holidays as stores offer discounts on furniture in Long Island.

Take your time when buying furniture

Long Island has a boatload of options when one is looking for discount furniture . Take your time and assess your options before making the buy. Also, remember to factor in moving costs as furniture pieces are usually big and expensive to move. Treat furniture purchases as investments, buy slowly, and make sure that these are objects you’ll be grateful for in the long run.

Buy it on the cheap

Meanwhile, if you just need something quick and cheap, Long Island Discount furniture is the place to go. Their pieces are sleek and cheap, which makes them easy to replace. The store is located at 541 Middle Country Rd, Coram.

Make Your Old Furniture New Again

Sometimes, you just need to refurbish a little. Don’t throw out your old pieces, give them a little make over. Maybe instead of throwing away that old coffee table, give it a little bit of paint work. This will make the piece look fresh again. You can apply this to couches too, just reupholster your current one instead of throwing it away. It must be said that for this to work the pieces structural integrity must be okay.

Think simple

If you can stand it, consider going for smaller, more neutral large items (like chairs and couches), since these tend to cost less, and use additional accessories (like artwork, throw pillows and lamps) to spice up the overall look with accent colors.

Buy used

Almost everyone in Long Island uses Craigslist and eBay as gateways for finding used goods. These are not the only options. Long Island has a wide array of discount furniture stores to choose from. Bob’s Discount furniture, for example, handles pickup and delivery of buying and selling used furniture. The store is located at 1999 Broad Hollow Rd, Farmingdale, NY. You could also try Ideal Furniture Outlet which helps locals find gently used items near them. The store is located on 75 Broad Hollow Rd, Farmingdale, NY 11735. Another avenue for getting used items is a yard and estate sales. People sell used their used stuff at throwaway prices at these two events.